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A children’s book

There was a long journey from Stockholm 2010 to the creation of this first book of the series about Grandma and mister Impossible.

At the moment its only edited in Swedish/Spanish.


Den första boken i serien om Mormor. En sann saga om en Mormor på de sju haven. En lärorik tvåspråkig bok för både stora och små med illustrationer av tatueraren Annicka Westerlund.

Följ med på resan från äventyr till barnbok i pop-up utställningen i teaterns foajé.

Träffa författaren och illustratören.

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Brazilian soil after a long time at sea

IMGP0862After a fantastic sail across the Atlantic Ocean I finally arrived in Brazil. I went straight up the river to Belem do Para and here I am ready to explore this Beautiful country.

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The Atlantic Ocean

The sun, the moon, the stars and Olina went west. It was a lovely journey over the Atlantic ocean to Brazil, the best sail ever!!!!! Arriving at the entrance of the river and reaching the port of Belem was a little tricky but here I am happily in Marino Publica do Belem.

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Cape Verde

IMGP0643In the Atlantic Ocean there are some beautiful islands, populated with marvelous people that just shared the Carnival celebration with me.

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Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

I am in a very busy port, well, at anchor outside but it is just as crowded. 250 boats are going to sail to Santa Lucia and they are all arriving for the race. The ARC, is the name of the competition, and it is kind of fun to see so many sailors together. Right now I am at “Sailors bar” which is the hang out here.

After the beautiful and tranquil Madeira this is feeling somewhat weird but I will get used to it.

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Can it be better?

Madeira, a wonderful island in a the Atlantic ocean. Friendly people, windy, green, full of flowers and fruits, can it get any better? This is a place one could hang around for along time. Canaries has to wait, this is too beautiful to leave in a hurry.

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An incredible picture

helicoptero guardia civil_110-1

This is a photo that the Guardia Civil took as they flew over with an helicopter. On my facebook “eva7seas” account you can find some more pictures from this “adventure”. Please don´t worry about me, because everything went just fine due to all the magnificent people that populate this wonderful world. Thank you! Gracias a todos!

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After a long nights sail I did something I am not proud about……I fell asleep. Have a look at the news

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Hello! Long time no see! I got a facebook account now, where I will try to be even more active than here. “eva7seas” is the name of course and like me if you like.

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